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Conquering Symmetry

Destiny unfolds before her…

…and claims her every waking moment.

She can see the future, but can she prevent it?

Alexa now must live up to her name: defender of mankind. However, not only mankind is at risk, but her friends, family, and the entire universe. As a future shaper, why can’t she prevent the death she foresees?

How many will die?

How much destruction will occur if she can’t reunify what’s been torn apart?

When an immortal curse from the past returns, Alexa is the only shield that stands between him and ultimate power.

Can she draw on her friends once more to prove the power of love over destruction?

You’ll love the conclusion to this sci-fi fantasy coming-of-age saga because no one can resist a supreme battle of good versus evil.

Experience the adventure today.

You know the prophecy, you’ve got a sense of the four forces, ready for more?


Stay tuned!


Stay tuned!


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