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Some trivia about this incredible
world we live in:

Photons are defined as particles representing a quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. The light from the Sun is composed of photons that are born in the core of the Sun. Once the light leaves the Sun, it takes around 8 minutes to reach Earth.

Light is composed of the entire color spectrum. If you take a prism, such as a triangular prism, and place it in sunlight, it breaks the sunlight into different spectral colors. A rainbow would be an example of the prism effect.

Earth has a long history of evolving new lifeforms but also of extinctions.

Mountains are phenomena caused by three different geological events related to tectonic plates. Fold mountains form when two plates collide with each other causing the surface to thrust upwards. Examples of Fold Mountains are some of the highest globally and include the Rockies and the Himalayas. Volcanic mountains are formed by volcanoes when magma erupts to the surface then hardens, increasing the mountain’s size. Examples of Volcanic mountains include Mount Rainier and Mount Fuji. Finally, Fault-Block mountains form along faults when one side is thrust upward while the other is forced down. An example of Fault-Block mountains is the Sierra Nevada mountains.

One of the issues facing us today is the threat of global warming. Global warming refers to the general increase in Earth’s temperature due to increased atmospheric pollutants causing a greenhouse effect. The main culprit is carbon dioxide which is directly related to industrial activity. When these pollutants gather in the atmosphere, they absorb solar radiation and sunlight that bounced off Earth and usually escape into space, increasing Earth’s temperature.



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