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The Tuar Tums Trilogy

The Tuar Tums Trilogy follows the adventures of sixteen-year-old Alexa Kinner, whose world is turned upside down when her father returns with no memory of her. Frantic for the truth, Alexa follows clues to where he’d been and discovers a secret; there are aliens among us. She meets Asa, a Tuar Tum from the planet Yendola, who says she’s the answer to a prophecy that holds the universe’s future in the balance. To succeed, Alexa must learn to control the four forces, then use them to put back what was torn apart, and symmetry can be conquered. Forces that bring order to the universe, make stars shine, and life possible.

With Asa’s help, Alexa races against time, developing her senses far beyond human capabilities. She visits unimaginable new worlds, meets mythical creatures, discovers the four forces, and dives into the world of science where anything is possible. When Earth is attacked, she fights back and learns, she too, can be a killer. Ultimately, she must go to Yendola, a planet 27,000 light-years from Earth, where she encounters a world very different from her own. The Tuar Tums are hopelessly divided, war is imminent, but Alexa has to find a way to stop it before fulfilling the Prophecy. The question is, will she be in time?

The Tuar Tums Trilogy is a fast-paced, suspenseful sci-fi fantasy filled with intrigue and mystery. The science is real, and you’ll never look at our amazing world the same way again!