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The Four Forces

Sweet sixteen never had the future of the universe riding on it.

But when you are the promised one, you’ve more important things to do.

Alexa’s birthday gifts weren’t typical-a prophetic destiny and untold superpowers. Now she feels like the world rests on her shoulders. And it does. Saving it drew a target on her back.

How does she protect the ones she loves and save the universe from destruction?

Now her training takes her and her friends to creatures and worlds previously thought of as only mythological. If she fails in her training and quest, more than her species is at risk.

Can she and her loyal crew find and defeat the powerful weapons protecting the Four Forces and reunite them in time to save the universe?

You’ll love this second book in the sci-fi fantasy coming-of-age saga because the action continues with each turn of the page.

Take a wormhole to the adventure today.

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